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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Around the world: 2013 World Press Photo Winners 1

1st Prize Nature Stories
1st Prize Nature Storie

The prize-winning pictures are presented in an exhibition visiting more than 100 cities in over 45 countries. The first 2013 World Press Photo exhibition opened in Amsterdam on 26 April 2013.

Paul Nicklen, Canada, National Geographic magazine

18 November 2011, Ross Sea, Antarctica 

Swimming emperor penguins shoot to the water’s surface. The cloud of bubbles they create may help confuse predators.

Emperor penguins’ body shape and poor climbing ability make it difficult for the birds to haul themselves ashore, especially onto icy or rocky coasts. It is also a moment when they are especially vulnerable to attacks by predators, such as the leopard seal.

But the flightless emperor penguin is capable of becoming airborne, by swimming at up to three times its normal speed, and launching itself from the water to clear the edge of a shoreline. Recent research shows that the penguins do this by releasing air from their feathers, in the form of tiny bubbles. 

The bubbles act as a lubricant, cutting drag, and enabling the birds to achieve bursts of speeds that would otherwise be impossible.

Images courtesy of GO Communication

1st Prize Nature Single

1st Prize Nature Single

Christian Ziegler, Germany

16 November 2012, Black Mountain Road, Queensland, Australia

A southern cassowary (Casuarius casuarius) feeds on the fruit of the blue quandong tree. The flightless birds grow up to two meters in height, with males weighing some 55 kg, and females 76 kg.

Cassowaries are an endangered species, with around only 1,500 left in the wild. The birds are crucial to the ancient rainforest of northern Queensland, because they carry large seeds in their stomachs for long distances. Several dozen tree species appear to rely on cassowaries alone to disperse their seeds.

The birds are under threat from habitat loss, resulting from agricultural and housing development, killings by domestic dogs, and collisions with vehicles.

Images courtesy of GO Communications

1st Prize People – Staged Portraits Stories

1st Prize People – Staged Portraits Stories

Stephan Vanfleteren, Belgium, Panos for Mercy Ships/De Standaard

17 October 2012, Conakry, Guinea

Makone Soumaoro (30): “My neck doesn’t hurt, but I worry that it swells so much. I hope it is not a tumor, because I’m a housewife and my husband and children need me.”

People receiving treatment on Africa Mercy, a hospital ship docked at Conakry, Guinea.

Images courtesy of GO Communication

1st Prize Daily Life Stories

1st Prize Daily Life Stories

Fausto Podavini, Italy

01 June 2010, Rome, Italy

Mirella was married to her husband Luigi for over 40 years. At the age of 65, Luigi began to show symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. For six years, Mirella cared for Luigi herself, at home in Rome.

Alzheimer’s is a progressive degenerative illness that can affect memory, thinking, behavior, and emotion, and is the most common type of dementia. Over 36 million worldwide people live with dementia, and numbers are increasing as populations age.

For Mirella, it meant that everyday tasks became long and difficult operations involving both of them. At one point Luigi seemed no longer to understand what the cutlery and food set before him were for, and stopped eating. He appeared unable to distinguish between day and night, and his confused body clock—sleeping during the day, and staying awake at night—disrupted Mirella’s daily rhythm, too. After five years of the disease, Luigi no longer recognized his wife. He died in May 2011, with Mirella and their family at his bedside.

Images courtesy of GO Communication

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