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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Antara Foto Terbaik- Photo Contest 2015- First Runner Up

First Runner Up

Yosemite at night. Photo © Kris Thornton

"Last summer, my best friend and I traveled through Death valley and Yosemite. We spent three days camping and hiking around, taking in what this beautiful world has to offer. We hiked around most of the day and decided to set up in this small meadow. In the distance there is a small campground and children were playing in the field with headlamps on. Before it got too dark we set up the gear on a tripod and focused on the gorgeous half dome. It was getting dark fast and I knew I likely had one chance to get a good shot. We sat for about another hour waiting for the night to become black as could be and the only light was from the stars, moon, a few passing cars and if you look closely a climber's head lamp on the side of the mountain. I used a trigger and had the camera set in bulb mode. I did this shot as a 30 min exposure. I wanted to go for 40 min, but with the passing cars, I thought the photo was ruined and decided to try again the next night. This was the result. We had a great time and it is a memory I will always have."

Camera details: Nikon D800, 17-35 1.8 lens. 30 mi


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