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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Antara Foto Terbaik- Photo Contest 2015- People Choices Winner

People's Choice Winner

National Deer Key Refuge, Florida Keys. Photo © Kyle Miller

"This was one of my last opportunities to shoot the sunset while in the Florida Keys, and I came close to calling it off when a summer squall popped up just as I arrived on location in the National Key Deer Refuge. I decided to wait it out, and after a few minutes the rain stopped and the clouds cleared just in time for sunset. After wading about a half mile across a shallow mangrove flat (and through dense clouds of mosquitoes), I set up shop and tried shooting several different compositions as the sun sank into the horizon. Although I did get several “keepers”, I didn’t feel that I’d captured the shot that I’d envisioned, and started to make my way back to the car. After a few minutes, the sky lit up with beautiful pastels and I immediately noticed that a small red mangrove tree that I’d passed earlier from the other direction provided the exact composition that I’d hoped to find. This is the photo that I had set out to capture. To me, there is nothing more soothing than spending time completely immersed in nature."

Camera details: Nikon D750, 24mm, 1/5 second exposure at f/8, ISO 100

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