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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tips: Bagaimana Meningkatkan Trafik ke blog Anda

4 Langkah untuk meningkatkan trafik ke blog anda. Ianya memerlukan sedikit homework dan kesabaran. 

One of the biggest complaints in the realm of blogging is a lack of incoming traffic. Whether you’re a novice looking for your pageviews to skyrocket or a veteran who has hit a traffic plateau, these tips will provide success for any blogger. Here I will outline how to take your blog’s traffic up a notch in just one week or less with only two hours of work per day, guaranteed.

Step 1: Content Production (30 mins/day)

Spend half an hour each day brainstorming new ideas for content and writing posts that are designed specifically to lure in visitors and increase your blog’s traffic. These posts are generally known as linkbait and pillar articles. Some examples include how-to’s, lists, compilations, step-by-step guides, tutorials, analyses, etc. Ensure that your content has significant value to your readers: create something that they will feel the urge to bookmark, refer back on, and share with others.
Note: Your goal is to produce one or two of these posts per week in order to boost your blog’s success. Dedicate your daily half hour of content production to building upon your linkbait/pillar article until it is complete.

Step 2: Guest Blogging (30 mins/day)

Guest blogging is certainly one of the most successful methods for increasing your blog’s traffic. After you’ve produced a sturdy collection of valuable content on your own blog, you should begin to branch out and target the visitors of neighboring blogs in your niche. Guest blogging allows you to develop friendly relationships with other bloggers, to tap into a larger audience of potential readers, to gain backlinks from other websites, and to create a name for yourself and your brand. Writing for other blogs leads to direct success for your own blog.
Note: Guest blogging is a responsibility. Only ask other bloggers to publish content that you would want on your own blog. Make sure your guest posts are structured, valuable, quality articles.

Step 3: General Networking (30 mins/day)

Other bloggers are much more likely to notice your own blog if you’re willing to develop relationships and take an interest in the other sites in your niche. In order to increase your blog’s traffic, take time to leave valuable comments on other articles in your niche, link to the posts that other bloggers make, respond to your emails, and interact with webmasters via social media. Twitter, Facebook, and so forth will all be your friends when it comes to networking and nurturing your blog’s success.
After you begin to develop genuine friendships with other bloggers, you will gain their presence as a dedicated reader of your blog. And after you begin to link to other sites in your niche, many bloggers are apt to take notice and return the favor.
Note: Be humble and friendly. Reach out whenever you can to help a fellow blogger in need, don’t hesitate to offer advice, and hand out favors whenever you can. Being nice in the world of business is often a rare trait to find, but when you are, it will certainly come around full circle and you’ll reap the benefits.

Step 4: Active Promotion (30 mins/day)

After you’ve published some great articles, had some guest posts published, and been active on various networking sites and communities, it’s time to give all that hard work a little push in the right direction. Submit your content to various social media sites such as StumbleUpon, Twitter, and Reddit and ask your friends to vote it up. Tell others in your network about articles of yours that may be valuable to them, and post in online forums and groups. Link to the guest posts you’ve written within your own blog to increase the views and quality of your content published on other sites.
Note: Don’t ask for links, but encourage them. If you publish content that is worthy, all will fall into place with only a little effort on your part and your blog’s traffic will increase in no time.
And there you have it! Increasing your blog’s traffic requires only a little work that can go a long way. Good luck, and enjoy your blog’s success! You earned it!
sumber: bloggingboom.com

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